Back and Better

Hi friends, been a long while indeed. I’m gonna be real and personal as always.

The reasons are as follows:

I’ve been taking an online course on Science of Exercise from the University of Colorado and I successfully completed it, I am now a certified Exercise Scientist. So we can say I have been working on myself to be better for you and for me.

Also my laptop has been bad, I don’t have a job to raise money to repair it, so I’ll just wait for a miracle, until then I’ll have to be using my little tablet and the university library computer.

However I’m back and I am gonna be around as much as possible.

It’s my Birthday month buddies, Sunday, 19th it is!

I still got a couple of followers and award nominations even while being out, I really appreciate you all for appreciating the content of my blog, it means a lot to me.

New post coming soon. Stay tuned, I love you all.

It’s still your friend, Victor.

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  1. dynaxty says:

    You are welcome back buddy!! Congratulations on the successful completion of your course. Wishing you greater heights.

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