My Fitness Principles for Beginners -Part 1 of 4

As I began thinking and writing this, even in the bus to and fro home, more ideas kept coming into my head and it became longer hence I think I will be converting this into an eBook but before them, my followers like you reading this now can have a good glimpse of it already, ain’t that cool?

And due to the length, I decided to share it into parts for blog post so I don’t bore you.

Here is a list of 5, expect more later.

Set a goal
That’s the number one thing. Why do you want to do it? Why do you want to start this life? In simple form, I mean, What is your why?

Maybe to feel confident, become a professional, go for competitions and win titles and championships, earn a living from it, it could be as simple as just to attract the opposite sex, I don’t care what it is, just find a reason and keep it in front of you like donut-on-a-string game only that you are not competing with anyone but yourself.

“Ignore” the pros
This might sound controversial but I put the “ignore” in quote because it’s more or less not exactly ignorance. I mean Don’t try to be like them. Don’t even try to be like me. I know a guy who asked me, “If I work out, will I be like you?” I took it simply and said Yes, workout and eat well and you will, so he came to my old gym where I was, he worked 2 months and stopped and when he was asked why he stopped, he said it was because he didn’t get to be like me. I’m not even a Pro yet.

Since then I never tell people anymore they can be like me, in fact I tell them they can never be like me and that’s the truth. You can only be like you and no one too can be like you.

The Pros have a lot of information unshared, not to talk of years of experience and behind-the-scenes activities, so admire them, that’s good, show them some love but don’t try to be like them, you will end up discouraged.

Time births everything
You have to give yourself time. Don’t expect to see instant results the following week all of a sudden. Others took time to make their achievements so why should your case be any different? Put the work and give it time to materialize. Some people need shorter time and some longer but it all boils down to time. Whether you are losing weight, gaining muscle mass or both at the same time, whatever the goal is, it takes time to get there. It’s like a journey, you start and you need time to travel. Teleporting doesn’t happen here, be patient.

Be consistent
Nothing beats consistency! Water is not strong or sharp with cutting edge but it breaks rocks with consistent flow. Be like water, Keep up with your flow and you will get a breakthrough. If you don’t want to keep coming back to a restart, then don’t quit along the line. Crawl, roll, hop, walk, run, stumble, fly, whatever you, Keep moving forward!

Get a source for motivation
For some, it is social media, follow some pages of people on the same mission as you and who have gone ahead in the fitness and health sphere, I do that on Instagram, for others it’s motivational books and videos on YouTube, Instagram, etc. My friends use me too as a source of motivation. Whatever will serve as a motivation for you, find it and don’t lose it.

The pages I follow on Instagram, channels on YouTube, etc all help to keep me going, this works not only in the Fitness and Health sphere but in family, relationship, business, spiritual life etc. They help keep us going and bring us back in track if in any time along the way we miss it. So take advantage of it and get the best out of it.

To be continued…

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Stay tuned for continuation, I love you all!

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  1. Why not? You can do it. Make it a book not because of only financial gain, but mainly because of its impact to humanity.


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