7 foods you should not microwave and why!

The world has gotten itself in a hurry, 3mins this and 5mins that. It’s good, it’s development and “making life easier” but nonetheless every coin has two sides, these advantages come with their disadvantages. For microwaving, here is a list of 7 foods you should not microwave or you should stop if you are already doing it because they can do lots of damage after been reheated.


Mushroom-Group-1024x644This happens to be the most risky foods when it comes to reheating that is why I put it first. Highly recommend to consume them right after preparation. If you have to eat them the next day please eat them cold. Reheating mushrooms has a high tendency to cause digestive problems and even heart issues.


spinachAlready cooked spinach should never be warmed because it is very unsafe for overall health. It recommend to eat spinach right after being prepared.

Spinach contains high levels of nitrates which when heated can transform into nitrites and this is carcinogenic, means it can be a precursor of cancer.


Bildschirmfoto-2015-03-29-um-12.19.41Quite frequently used for soup preparations and similar to Spinach, has high rate of nitrates which converts to nitrites on heating.

Tree beets and carrots


I put them together because they are similar and also contains nitrates as mentioned above. They should never be reheated as they could gradually destructive for the body. They are rather advised to be eaten cold rather than reheated.


Highly useful food in a lot of ways but if left to stay for a day or two, lose their essential properties and dietary quality. Hence they can be dangerous and almost useless if reheated at this point.


bowl-of-eggs-promoOh how I love eggs, the content and values are countless yet can be lethal if exposed to much heat. Please boil, fry, scramble whatever you do, just don’t microwave.


Carne-di-polloThe world’s most consumed animal in the world, rich in protein even more than in red meat, making it a first choice for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Chicken once it stays the next day after being prepared, people tend to reheat before eating, this could cause some unnecessary digestive problems due to changes in protein structures that happen overnight.

It is recommended to eat chicken cold or if you must reheat, do so under low heat for long period of time.


If you can deal without microwave entirely like me, please do. I’m thinking of getting one soon though *smiles* but with controlled use of course.
Thanks for coming around once again, you keep me going. Have a healthy day. Your friendly internet neighborhood


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  1. Hi, while writing this post have you met any information about how long a microwave oven should be used? I mean is it healthy to use it until it breaks down or does it have an expiry date?

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    1. Hi, yes I checked on that and I discovered the duration is relative according to the microwave. Very Cheap microwaves can be used up to 2 years and a new one should be considered afterwards. Whereas very expensive and sophisticated microwaves can be safe to use for as long as 6-8 and possibly 10 years but whichever I think I’d theres a break inside the microwave, it becomes unsafe for use especially when it involves long heating for frozen foods, due to prolonged exposure.

      So it’s simple, know the microwave and know how long it can possibly be safe to use. Thank you so much, I really appreciate. Always at your service


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      1. I think it is a useful information, because this is not really emphasized. Thanks.

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      2. Now I am considering publishing it as a blog post. I’ll lay a little more emphasis and make a post on it. Thanks so much and you are welcome

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      3. I am sure people will read it because they do not really tend to buy new microwave ovens. 🙂

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      4. Yes yes that true. Once a microwave is bought, it’s usually not given a second thought till its damaged. I will do that.

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