Multivitamin supplements, Could they be harmful?

I’m sure you would want a straight answer before details, so here is your answer….YES, they could be but don’t stop, let’s get some details.

But First…
It would be unfair to Multivitamins and their manufacturers if I fail to mention however, that they are endlessly helpful in a lot of ways. Generally, supplements like the name, work mainly to supplement deficiencies and lack.

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that our bodies need for normal growth and optimal health, however the basic problem with vitamin supplements is that they cannot replicate all the ingredients found in whole foods, nor can they make up for poor lifestyle and eating habits.

People with certain sickness and illnesses would need multivitamin supplements. Pregnant women and newly born especially have higher demands for vitamins and supplementation goes a long way to make up for the demands and keep the body functioning at its best.

But with these and even more unmentioned usefulness of multivitamin supplements, it still has to be clear that there could be the other side of the coin.

Why multivitamin supplements could be harmful
The major chance of multivitamin supplements becoming harmful is in its overdose. Overdose here is not just taking excess of the multivitamin supplements, it can come from even taking normal daily required dose. How is this possible?

If you eat a diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, there’s a good chance you already reach your suggested daily intake. And even if you eat a less-than-stellar diet, many types of processed foods are fortified with vitamins and minerals.


If you are taking a vitamin supplement in addition to eating well and consuming some fortified foods, you may be reaching vitamin levels much higher than the FDA and NIH recommend. And this overly normal levels leads us the the detrimental effects of prolong excess intake of multivitamin supplements.

Maybe an analogy will help. You have a pain and you take a painkiller, one brand of course is enough and except you decide to take a different brand, you don’t take two different brands of painkillers with the intention of having a better result, your body could go into shock or something worse, or you don’t take an excess of any strong antibiotic with whatsoever intention, this even leads to formation of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Same goes for multivitamin supplements, they often contain 100 percent (or more) of your recommended daily value of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Unless you aren’t consuming any nutritional food at all, you simply don’t need these supplements.

Too Much of a Good Thing

So what happens when you start pumping too many vitamins and minerals into your body? Two meta-analyses of studies that collected data on the effects of multivitamin use in more than 400,000 patients found that individuals who took the daily supplement had an increased mortality rate .

A separate 2007 study found that women who took multivitamin supplements (vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, and zinc) increased their risk of developing skin cancer .

While it appears that multivitamin supplements may have alarming effects, can single vitamin supplements still hold benefits for the body? The quick answer: For healthy adults, probably not.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A, which helps with vision and the immune system, is found in bright yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. All you need is one-quarter cup of sweet potatoes, a third of a cup of butternut squash, or half a medium-sized carrot to get your recommended daily value. It can also be found in dark leafy vegetables: a cup of kale or two cups of spinach will also give you your daily fix. Fortified sources, like most breakfast cereals, contain about 10 percent of the recommended daily value per serving.

Too much vitamin A, ingested through beta-carotene supplements, has been shown in two separate studies to increase the likelihood of developing lung cancer among smokers .
In one of these studies, the supplement increased the lung cancer risk by as much as 28 percent—so significant that it prompted the researchers to end the study early.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E, a great antioxidant, can be found in wheat germ, dark leafy vegetables, various nuts and seeds, and vegetable oils. A serving of typical cereal will give you nearly half your daily recommended value of vitamin E.

Like vitamin A, elevated levels of vitamin E can seriously impact your health. A study that aimed to look at the supplement’s role in preventing cancer or cardiovascular disease found that excessive amounts of vitamin E increased patients’ risk of heart failure . A separate study on more than 135,000 patients found that supplemental vitamin E correlated with increased mortality rates . The authors even went as far as to conclude that vitamin E supplementation should be avoided. Lastly, a 2011 study in over 35,000 men reported that excessive Vitamin E supplementation significantly increased the risk of prostate cancer .

Calcium supplements are highly recommended to women to build stronger bones as they age. They’re so pervasive that you can find them in tasty chocolate and caramel chewables, in addition to the usual tablet form. Three cups of milk and two cups of yogurt or tofu get you up to your recommended daily value of calcium. Fortified sources (two cups of soy or almond milk and a serving of cereal) provide the same benefit.

Despite all of the talk of calcium building stronger bones, a study found that calcium supplements actually increase patients risk of hip fracture . Additionally, four separate studies found that patients who take calcium supplements were at a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease.  STEFANIE STICKEL. 


So it’s simple, If you are not sick or in any form of deficiencies, abstain from Casual consumption of Multivitamins, some people even do it in the name of living a life of good health and vitality. Too much of this could turn Vitality into Mortality. All things being equal, consume fruits and vegetables in your diet, they are naturally made to provide us with our RDA of Vitamins and mineral.

Healthy is not a destination, it’s a journey. Keep Moving Forward.

Thank for visiting, hope you come back, please I appreciate comments, questions and suggestions, and if you have a requests, feel free to leave it in the comments or contact me.


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  1. Hello. This is really interesting. The craniofacial therapist I have been seeing suggested I take a variety of supplements, including omega 3, vitamin c, magnesium, a b-vitamin complex and I also take ginko biloba (since my ear doctor told me). I think it is a lot of vitamins! I am a vegetarian, although I do eat fish sometimes. Most of my diet is fruit, vegetables, beans and grains. I avoid sugar etc and salt…my diet is healthy. I’m wondering if I need all the supplements…thank you for sharing. It has given me information to consider.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not a professional like your therapist or ear doctor but I know a few things and there are cases where people complete treatments and end up starting a new one almost immediately probably due to effects of previous treatment choices or techniques. Most times these can be unavoidable because treatment choices can vary based on patients and can be very limited in some cases and the choices made, can be treating a case at hand and on the other side causing some effects on other tissues, organs and systems of the body, Doctors try to avoid this as much as possible but hardly complete.
      I’d advice you inform him of your frequent Natural sources of vitamins, especially as a vegetarian, I guess he would probably reduce your dosage or even stop intake one or two of them if need be. And there are tests to detect the level of vitamin in the blood especially Vit. B.
      It gladdens my heart that my posts are worth considering. Be strong dear and I wish you your desires.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Chinedu. Thank you for the comment. I actually have a review with the therapist very soon, and i will mention again to him my diet.
        This post was really interesting t me. Thank you for sharing.
        Best wishes

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sounds good 👌🏽. I would really appreciate an update, whatever it is he says. Thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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