Training your biceps 101, Basics

The biceps muscle is the most commonly used among the arms muscles, in fact, most people remember and probably even know only the bicep…”Wow! See those biceps!” forgetting or not knowing that the triceps is the larger part of the arm even, but that will come up later.

The biceps as it is called “Bi” indicated two. Meaning this muscle has 2 heads in antagonism with the triceps that has 3, “tri” which will be talked on in a different article. Many people in the gym or wherever they workout do not see is this way, they just train or workout.

Simple Anatomy of the biceps

The biceps, has two heads as already said, the short and long head or inner and outer head, if that seems convenient for you, by the way we are in no anatomy lesson here. The different inclination and shift in position of the two head gives us a reason to consider it training technique.

Training the biceps
The biceps muscle is one muscle with two heads, but should be trained as if it were two. Training this muscle as a single muscle would be less effective as training it if it were given a two-muscle-approach. This works seemingly in opposite direction,  I will explain.

Hitting the inner or short head…

Using your barbell or dumbbell, going on a wide grip (by wide I mean, a little wider than your shoulder frame) during bicep curls hits the inner or short head of the biceps as shown in the photo.

Hitting the outer or longer head…
Contrary to the short head, in a bicep curl, going on a close grip (bring your hands closer towards the center off your body, closer than your shoulder frame)
This bicep head in actually in front of the the arm and not the side, a different muscle is on the side bringing us to what we call the 3D arms.

3D arms
The biceps with it’s two heads doesn’t seem enough to give the round, great looking arms, there is a 3rd muscle in the arm that contribute to this and its called the Brachialis muscle. I call it the carpenters muscles because the manual carpenters and poeple who use hammer alot have it better developed.

Hitting the Brachialis…

A Simple hammer curls of different variations would do, either with dumbbells, ropes etc, Take the photos for example

And then…

With several repetitions done, the biceps in general is ready for you if you want a single-muscle-approach. A normal dumbbell curl or normal shoulder width grip would have more use because both heads of the the biceps have been activated.

A full extension (stretching) and flexion (squeezing) is good, a full range of motion is required for good muscle workout.

Watch this video for some practicals.

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  1. My favourite of all would still be a combination of pull ups and pushups! And hammer curls 🙂

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    1. Yh that rights, I love pull us, works a lot at the same time. Well I this moment I am interested in complete beginners who need starter information. Later I will definitely get to that. Thanks for taking your time to read and visit. Thanks a lot

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      1. you are right. For beginners this is deffo the way to build up strength. 🙂 Keep it up man. I would like to start writing about fitness at some point in the near future 🙂

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      2. Sounds great. Would be nice to see someone who shares the same passion. I hope you keep coming around here. Thanks for visiting

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      3. I will man. I just browsed through your site. You seem to be doing stuff that vibes my style too. 🙂

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      4. I’m glad you like it, see you around then. And I must say I like your page, talking about things you are grateful for and believe to the best web developer. It crazy and inspiring at the same time. Just followed. Way to go buddy!

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      5. Thanks bud! it really helps to be grateful for the small stuff so that your brain gets rewired and you only see the positive in every situations 🙂

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